• eDecon - Managing the Risk of Cross Infection

    Our decontamination facilities and processes have been designed and developed to ensure that Essential Healthcare delivers equipment that is safe and suitable for patient use - every time.

    We understand that overcoming the increasing challenges in Cross Infection Prevention and Control is paramount to delivering safe patient care. We take our responsibility in supporting patient safety very seriously and continue to consult with leading healthcare and industry experts to ensure that our facilities and processes not only comply with the latest guidance and legislation but lead the way in the provision of decontamination services.

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  • eDecon - High Specification Decontamination Centres

    eDecon centres are designed to provide complete traceability and mitigate cross contamination with a segregated, colour coded one-way workflow system (Red to Blue). Our highly trained teams are dedicated to either the Red (dirty) area or the Blue (clean) area to further reduce the potential of cross contamination.

    We have invested in the best in class Miele professional industrial washing machines and dryers, which are regularly calibrated and verified. The materials and sanitary fittings used throughout are of the highest specification with non-porous walls and floor coverings and ozone technology to facilitate daily deep cleaning. Our vehicles are fitted with the same high specification materials and are decontaminated daily using ozone technology.

    RFID technology is installed to enable complete traceability of mattress decontamination history. Our entire rental fleet of mattresses is fitted with RFID technology and this is a service we can provide for our customers owned assets.

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  • eDecon -Essential Validation & Quality Control

    In order to validate our decontamination processes and provide quality assurance 10% of the throughput is randomly selected for ATP swabbing, with NEQIS wash cycle validation recorded for every wash cycle. We have in place a robust escalation process, in addition our Decontamination Service Centre Manager analyses the data as part of our weekly audit process.

    Our decontamination centres and processes are subject to comprehensive external, unannounced audits by an independent leading microbiological partner. The resulting report forms the basis of our continuous improvement plan.

    The data collected through our validation and quality control processes is reported to our contracted customers.

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  • eDecon - Complete Openness & Transparency

    As a committed partner highly invested in Patient Safety and Cross Infection Prevention and Control we confidently provide complete openness and transparency, proudly receiving visits from our customers to experience first-hand the high specification of our decontamination centers and the robustness of our processes and procedures.

    “Having viewed the outstanding decontamination facilities in West Yorkshire, checking their policies, procedures, and measuring their values, I have every confidence that the level of high standards I witnessed would continue down to every last detail." ( IPC Nurse Practitioner - Acute NHS Teaching Trust – North West)

    Please contact us to arrange your visit in the near future.

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